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Sam Opoku is a Ghanaian-American Afro soul/R&B artist who immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 8 after his mother won the visa lottery. Being selected with less than a 1% chance was nothing short of a miracle, and his family sacrificed a lot to come to the States for the chance at a better life. As an immigrant navigating between cultures, Sam embraced musical influences from both worlds, cultivating his own unique and rich sound. He learned to speak English during recess on the playground and through Saturday morning cartoons, fueling his passion for the arts. This passion propelled him to become a two-time PoetryOutLoud champion during high school, igniting his love for songwriting and music. After graduating from the music program at Grand Canyon University, he made the decision to pursue a full-time career as an artist.
Throughout his career, Sam has achieved notable milestones. His song "Yellow" was featured on the popular Netflix show Ginny & Georgia. Furthermore, he successfully sold out his first headline show at Valley Bar in Downtown Phoenix and performed at the halftime show for the Phoenix Suns just one week later.
Sam has had the privilege of collaborating with influential figures in the music industry. Most recently, he was selected to write for Kehlani and others during a writing camp hosted by Grammy award-winning producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, known for his work with Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. He has also worked with Northboi the Oracle and Yonni, who have credits with The Weeknd, Danileigh, and Sam Smith. In addition, Sam has tapped into the EDM world through a collaboration with Armada Music, the largest independent label founded by Armin Van Buuren, gaining support from Black Koffee on a record with South African duo Kususa.
Sam's love for the art of storytelling and songwriting knows no boundaries, finding inspiration in artists ranging from Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne to Frank Sinatra and Beethoven. His music is a fusion of Khalid and Wizkid, with a touch of Andre 3000. Through his own personal touch, he weaves poetic lyrics and unforgettable melodies that deeply resonate with listeners. Sam has successfully achieved his mission in music by making cultural connections and promoting healing. It's Kofi Szn to the world!

Sam’s vision is to create music that bridges the gaps between diverse communities, inspiring those who proudly embrace their multicultural heritage. When he was young, Sam's mother won the visa lottery, opening doors for him to pursue his dreams in the States. Now, he infuses that same magic into his music through poetry and melody. Sam Opoku invites us to dream, celebrate our roots, and to dance to the rhythm of a world without boundaries.



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Cover Art 



Timbaland Live Reaction 

Phoenix Suns Halftime Show

Sold Out Valley Bar Headline  

Sync Placements

  • Ginny & Georgia (Netflix) - "Yellow" 

  • Caribbean Summer (LifeTime)                                 - "This Kind Love" 

Winner of DarkChild's Protege Writing Camp



"If one artist can take you on a heartbreaking romantic journey, Sam Opoku is perfect for the job."

– NeonMusic

"Budding singer, Sam Opoku, is fast rising to fame with his track "The One", which is sweeping through top artists for

the number one spot on music charts."

– PulseMusic


You will come back to “Boomerang” over and over again.       

– RatingGameMusic

"Sam Opoku Delivers Impressive Vocal Performance On "Boomerang""

- Elevator


"Sam Opoku straight up kills it in his latest single ‘Yellow’ as he speaks of a woman who came into his life and

changed it completely!"

– Bangeroftheday


"His lyrics are powerful, strong and tell a story of his own truths as he journeys through life".

– Worldwidewaves


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